About Jonathan Payne – The Wedding Celebrant

Let me introduce myself to you.

I am Jonathan Payne, and I have been conducting weddings for more than 25 years. And with all those years of experience, and many hundreds of weddings, behind me, I know that couples like you, want a wedding ceremony that reflects who they are.

Mostly, they don’t want a stiff, unfriendly event which they and the guests have to endure before they can get to celebrate at the reception. They want a ceremony which is as much a celebration of their love and of the moment as the party which might follow. And they want to feel comfortable and in safe hands as they make their life-long commitment to each other.

That is the ceremony I aim to provide and to plan with you in mind and with your ideas, preferences and special moments included. It must be your ceremony to be thoroughly enjoyed and relished by you and your guests.

My hope would be that, by the end of the ceremony, both you and your guests feel happy, inspired, and motivated by life and love.

I am a licensed marriage officer which means I am qualified to conduct your wedding ceremony, register it with the Department of Home Affairs, and provide you with your initial marriage certificate. So you don’t have to worry about any of that boring stuff.

I look forward to chatting with you and getting to know more about you, and you can also find out more about me.

  • Jonathan