The Wedding Celebrant

So you went to this wedding. And the ceremony was long and boring. The person conducting it when on and on. And it seemed it was more about him and his agenda than about the couple.

And you said to yourself

“That’s not what I want for my wedding”!

What you want is something that is fresh, meaningful, inspiring.

Something that is about you and says what you want to say about your relationship.


If that is what you are looking for, then give me a call.


You will be very careful in choosing your photographer, your DJ, your dress designer – because you want professionals who will be at their best and make you feel your best, confident, happy and relaxed on your wedding day.

What you don’t want is someone conducting the ceremony itself who is, at best, average.

The wedding ceremony starts off the day’s celebration. It sets the tone for the day and you want it to be something that your guests enjoy, so that they leave the ceremony in a great mood, ready to celebrate with you.

And you want to feel happy, comfortable and relaxed during the ceremony, not worrying about whether you are doing the right thing, or if you will mess up your vows or if you are going to be made to feel embarrassed or awkward.

As with every other part of your wedding, during the ceremony you want to be in the understanding, experienced hands of a professional.

As a professional wedding celebrant, my task is to ensure that your wedding ceremony is about you, and that throughout the ceremony you feel confident and relaxed so that, like your guests, you thoroughly enjoy yourself.

I am also a legal marriage officer, accredited with the South African Department of Home Affairs, so apart from conducting the ceremony I also issue you with your marriage certificate and ensure you marriage is registered with the Department.

Anyway, that’s enough about me.

Give me a call, so we can chat about your ceremony and I can find more about you.